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Hahaha I'm finally back to Newgrounds again. Totally neglected posting but hopefully I stay a bit more consistant. Most of the stuff I post will be short since I don't finish songs comepletely (Bad habbit I know lol.)

Welp...check out my songs and I hope ya like them...somewhat....maybe?


*Awkwardly Exits Situation*

Near Future Plans

2016-07-22 04:20:22 by Aaronomous


I'll probably be making many reviews of different muscians songs on here :D I love uplifting others and helping them further themselves as artists. I want to contribute to the community of musicians and not just myself as much as I can :)


As of now, I am a very self concious musician :/ To be honest, I'll probably be posting more samples/clips of songs I'm working on rather than full songs at the moment.

Ill definitely post full songs every though, but honestly...I'm awful at Producing, Mixing, Mastering and stuff like that. Forgive my noobiness lol.


I look forward to what the future has in store :D

*Whispers Stupidly: 50% Off*