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Hydra Hydra

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Extremely nice job on using those small synth chords around 24 seconds at that speed being recognizable. It's hard to make chords like that in a song with such a fast BPM sound crisp and clear.
I love how you kept the song mostly light instead of using a TON of heavy bass synths at a time. Quite a refreshing sound and I love your style of music. Dark angel and He's a Pirate remake are two of my favorite song you've done, and this one is no slouch either :D

Well done as usual :)

Sundown Sundown

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow nice work man! I love 1:51 where it stops then goes into the awesome synth and bass combo. Very well done :D

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Davidgotskill responds:

I actually used Garageband on my iPad. I used the awesome loops it came with. Thanks for the feedback!

She's a runner She's a runner

Rated 5 / 5 stars

First off...I've been listening to your music for a very long time now and I just had to write a review for this masterpiece!

In my opinion, this is the best song you have made...considering you have made A LOT of amazing songs XD. You freakin nail the blue genre! I have like every blues song you have made! You put so much soul into your blues songs, and also know when restraint on vocals are needed. Guitar was spot on. Vocals were incredible. Overall extremely good!
My favorite parts were 0:11-0:15 & 1:55-2:04

I heavily research vocal techniques, voice tones, genres, etc.
You absolutely crushed it at 1:56-1:59. The glide up was spot on perfect, and the jump note up right after was completely on point as well.
As soon as i thought that was the blew me away at 2:01-2:03 XD. You rasp throughout that whole part was perfectly controlled! It always irritates me when artists use rasp randomly or just plain can't control it, So props to you on that! The G flat you hit at 2:01 was brilliant and the G at 2:02 was hit with the perfect amount of power and rasp! Your stylistic choices throughout the song were great...but 1:55-2:03 were just plain amazing. You abSOULutely enveloped the very essence of blues and soul music. I'm honored just to have been able to hear such perfection :)

1:47-1:50 is the type of singing I have noticed in a lot of your songs. It seems when you go into your lower range you start singing from the back of your throat/tensing up. If you can go that low without singing from the back of your throat then definitely do that, but if not I would suggest not going that low as it sounds quite awkward to most.
Another thing I noticed in many of your songs is the use of Intonations/Inflections. Intonations are generally regarded as a bad Vocal Habit. I used to do it all the time and eventually had to learn how to control it better. An intonation is only technically good when you hit a specified note at the very end. Many singers do this unknowingly (I'm guilty lol) and is best to address it before it becomes too much of a habit. I would suggest practicing Intonations with a specified note you want to hit at the end.
You can definitely look up both the throat singing and intonations to better understand how to improve, But overall you are an incredibly talented musician :D
Vocal Technique: 4.5
Instrument Playing: 5/5
Blending Together (Music&Vocals) 5/5
Stylistic Choices: 5/5

Blues seems to be the genre you excel in the most, but your house/trance songs are good as well :)
Keep up the amazing work and make more Blues masterpieces like this one! :D

Chzz responds:

Thanks for both the kind words and the advice! It is nice to see a more complex review. It is also nice tp see someone classifying the genre of my songs since I have a hard time doing that myself.